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Symphony No. 1 in D Major  
by Davis Brown  (25 1/2 minutes)


I first drafted this piece in 1990 as a celebration of the end of the Cold War. Years later, I revised it to add a quote from “Ein Feste Burg” to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This symphony is an expression of joy.

Symphony No. 2 in A Major “Celestial”
by Davis Brown (50 minutes)

A large, lush symphony for the new millennium.  I wrote this work in an effort to capture the grandeur of the cosmos. As such, it features a significant part for a keyboard. The fourth movement includes a theme that is not easily recognizable at first, but which becomes clearer as the movement progresses.

Suite 1 from RP SCORE front cover.jpg
Suite No. 1 from “The Robber Princess”  
by Davis Brown     (13 minutes)

Three dances from the new ballet production "The Robber Princess":  an Argentine tango, a French minuet, and an Italian tarantella.

Suite No. 1 from “The Robber Princess” (NotePerformer)Davis Brown
00:00 / 11:56
Suite 2 from RP SCORE front cover.jpg
Suite No. 2 from “The Robber Princess”  
by Davis Brown     (13 minutes)


This suite is the “global chase” sequence from my ballet. It consists of nine short dances depicting locales from around the world: Ireland, the Alps, New York City, Texas, the Andes, Rio de Janeiro, China, the Himalayas, and India.

Suite No. 2 from “The Robber Princess” (NotePerformer)Davis Brown
00:00 / 15:01
In Memoriam score front cover.jpg
In Memoriam 
by Davis Brown     (8 1/2 minutes)

The piece, which draws from Taps, is a musical tribute to the fallen from 9/11. The middle section takes elements from the official songs of each of the military services and fuses them into a new melody.

In Memoriam (NotePerformer playback)Davis Brown
00:00 / 08:50
Christmas Jubilee SCORE front cover.jpg
Christmas Jubilee Overture
by Davis Brown     (9 minutes)

This piece is a medley of Christmas carols, presented in a variety of orchestrations. It is designed to be the opener for an orchestral holiday concert. I like to call it “my answer to Leroy Anderson.”

Christmas Jubilee OvertureInspired Symphony
00:00 / 09:23
Moryak SCORE front cover.jpg
Dance of the Moryak 
by Davis Brown     (6 1/2 minutes)

My rendition of a Russian sailor dance. It is one of my earliest orchestra works and was my first orchestra premiere.  The Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra performance of this piece was broadcast on WDAV public radio.

Dance of the Moryak (Charlotte Phil Orch 1998)Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra
00:00 / 06:22
Icelandic Suite score front cover.jpg
Icelandic Suite in D minor 
by Davis Brown      (14 minutes)

Three excerpts of scenes from the composer's "Robber Princess" ballet trilogy, each set in Iceland and based on Icelandic folk tunes.  I wrote the first movement as an added scene to “The Robber Princess” ballet and enjoyed writing it so much that I wrote two more movements. 

Icelandic SuiteNational Radio-Television Symphony of Moldova
00:00 / 12:32
In the Wild concert SCORE front cover.jpg
In the Wild (concert version) 
by Davis Brown     (7 1/2 minutes)

This is the concert version of the Serengeti scene of “The Robber Princess”. Like Dukas’s “The Sorceror’s Apprentice,” this piece begins in an almost comic way but eventually turns sinister.

In The Wild (NotePerformer playback)Davis Brown
00:00 / 07:18
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