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“The Robber Princess”

An original ballet from composer Davis Brown

A breathtaking adventure which takes place across countries and continents, “The Robber Princess” is a modern fable which explores the conflict a young woman feels between enjoying the staid, comfortable and boring life she was born to and the adrenaline-rush excitement of a daring life of crime. 


The title character, Princess Regina, is heir to the throne of the fictional kingdom of Rochevaux, but she leads a double life as the world’s most accomplished jewelry thief.  Realizing her talents for brazen theft at a young age, her exploits quickly become her treasured secret. She meets and falls in love with Baron von Brickelstein,  Grand Marshal to the Queen of a neighboring fictional country, Eidelmark, but understandably conceals her identity as a bold and skillful thief.

She is eventually exposed after a particularly daring theft, however, and her suitor becomes her nemesis and pursuer.  She barely avoids capture with a series of hair-breadth escapes in far-away places from New York City to the African Serengeti.  Taking advantage of these locales, the ballet explores the customs and musical features of cultures from across the world and culminates in a dramatic and surprising ending for the Princess and her pursuer. 


“The Robber Princess” has attributes which make it ideal for family entertainment, and offers opportunities for creative uses of exotic staging and costuming for various scenes.

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The Robber Princess Ballet

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